David Peak Counsellor & Psychotherapist
in Central Manchester and Rochdale

Who I am

I have provided high quality psychotherapeutic services in and close to the centres of Manchester and Rochdale, for most of the last 20 years. I have practised as a counsellor and psychotherapist in the voluntary sector, for the NHS substance misuse services, and in private practice.
I have taught counselling to foundation degree level at colleges in Oldham and Preston. And I have considerable experience of working with clients both in time-limited episodes of counselling and longer term psychotherapy. I work with people who have experienced life events that have left them feeling vulnerable, depressed, anxious, stressed, distressed, and sometimes in physical pain, who have often used every resource at their disposal, to try to relieve their discomfort, and, as a last resort have turned to psychotherapy to help them achieve some peace and clarity in their lives.

What I do

I have helped hundreds of clients to live at peace with themselves and in harmony with the world around them, making their lives more comfortable and satisfying.
Recently, by chance, I bumped into an old client I hadn’t seen for 4 years, and he greeted me with the words: “You are my hero! You helped me turn my life around and now I’m happy, in a great job, with that weight lifted off me. I'm free of the depression, worry, and anxiety I had before I met you, and life's great.”

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How I do it

To vastly simplify a very complex phenomenon:

Your brain, which normally creates memories as simple stories about past events that happen every day, at times of high stress can’t do this job properly. For example, maybe once in a lifetime you may be confronted by someone you think is trying to kill you, or are in a road accident, when you think you’re going to die. At times like these, your brain doesn’t work properly, and the memory is stored in a way that, when something triggers it, the past becomes the present in your mind and it feels as if the original terror was happening again, in that moment. Events like these don’t happen every day, thank goodness, but growing up you often experience humiliation, failure, or loss, and although these events, individually, are much less traumatic, they also prevent your brain from doing its job. They add up and your collective memory of all these disappointments can easily be triggered by day-to-day events. When that happens you feel worthless, or a failure, or alone and incapable of supporting yourself… NOW, in the present moment… making you very vulnerable to sadness, depression, stress and anxiety.

My job it to come to your aid with psychotherapy, releasing blockages and restoring normal flows; healing past wounds and enabling your brain’s normal systems to resume their function of keeping your mind healthy.


Clients seek therapy for various reasons, but the most common problems that brought clients I have seen to therapy are:
Anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks.
Depression, including postnatal depression and pervasive sadness.
Couple and relationship issues including restoration of trust following affairs, or when the relationship is irreparably broken, enabling separation or divorce to take place with the minimum of distress to both partners.
Bereavement, loss and unresolved grief.
Addictions including alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping/shoplifting, exercise and work. (Eating disorders also fall within this classification.)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following RTC's, extreme violence, sexual assault, childhood abuse, difficult childbirth, or periods of severe pain.
Stress resulting from workplace, financial and interpersonal difficulties.

Most of the clients I see resolve their issues satisfactorily within the 4 to 12 appointment model of time-limited counselling, but other clients I have worked with (some of whom were discharged by the NHS with issues still unresolved) needed longer term psychotherapy to help them alleviate their problems.

I mainly work with adults (over the age of 18) of both sexes and both gay and straight, on a one-to-one basis, unless I am working with a couple trying to resolve difficulties within their relationship.

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Areas with easy access to treatment venues

My practice in Central Manchester is within easy reach of all the towns in Greater Manchester including: in the South, Stockport, Bramhall, Bredbury, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Handforth, Hazel Grove, Hyde and Wythenshaw; in the North, Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich, Heywood and Middleton; in the West, Altrincham, Hale, Timperley, Sale, Urmston, Carrington, Cadishead, Partington, Irlam, Eccles, Worsley, Swinton, Bolton, Westhoughton, Atherton, Tyldsley; and in the East, Oldham, Failsworth, Ashton, Mossley, Stalybridge, Royton and Shaw.
Whilst my Rochdale practice covers Rochdale borough and the Rossendale Valley including Rawtenstall, Waterfoot, Bacup and Whitworth; Littleborought, Todmorden and and the Calder Valley are also in easy travelling distance.

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