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What is anxiety

Anxiety is a sense of foreboding, of disquiet, of unease, of instability—the ground under your feet is shifting constantly—so you need to be on alert all the time, to save yourself and your loved ones from unknown disasters just waiting to happen. Anxiety is not about a real and present danger from which you can escape, but danger that is imagined, so you carry it round in your head all the time and wherever you go.

Some things make everyone anxious, but the vast majority of the things that make you anxious are personal to you and have been learned. Perhaps they relate to a specific trauma, perhaps you generalized your reaction from one frightening situation to other situations that seem similar. Perhaps your parents taught you to be fearful of spiders or of flying. Perhaps an accent sets off your alarm system, or you see someone who looks vaguely like a man who once harmed you.

A few recognized anxiety disorders are:
Generalized anxiety disorder
Panic attacks
Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and
Post-traumatic stress disorder

Chronic anxiety is extremely stressful. It is the cause of many physical diseases and is associated with premature death.

You don’t have to live with chronic anxiety. Get relief from this burden. Phone me now and book a no obligation, free 15 minute consultation with me and see how I can make a difference.

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