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The important role of “safety” in our life is so intuitive and so relevant
that it is surprising that our institutions neglect it.

Porges S. (2017)

The purpose of pain

It protects you!

It makes you move, think and behave differently, either to prevent you damaging yourself, or to give an existing wound the chance to heal by protecting your injured parts.

The amount it hurts isn’t related to the severity of your trauma, but to the importance your brain places on it being protected. No matter how bad your injury, it won’t hurt unless your brain thinks you need to shield it. But, the reverse is also true… Even though your old injury has healed, your brain can be mistaken and still think you need to protect it, so it will continue to hurt.

Acute pain is when your brain makes you hurt when it thinks you are in danger. Danger of damaging you tissues, danger of preventing wounds healing, or danger of making them worse.

Chronic pain is when your brain mistakenly thinks you need to continue to protect an injury that has already healed and continues to make you hurt, or when it thinks that there is danger in some part of you body when all medical examinations and assessments show there is no injury or disease.

How can therapy reduce my pain?

Because how much you hurt depends on how much danger your brain thinks you are in, therapy can help to reduce the level of your pain by increasing your sense of safety, as well as by reducing your sense of danger.

Some things are inherently dangerous. They are recognised as such by everyone, but many things you consider to be dangerous will not injure or kill you, these are things that may affect your lifestyle, or dangerous secrets you keep about things you have done which you think may lead to some of your Facebook "friends" rejecting you if they found out, or other things you believe to be dangerous but which many others think are safe.

Psychotherapy can help you re-evaluate some of your maladaptive values and beliefs, helping you learn to feel safer and less tormented with unnecessary pain.

Make an appointment with me now and see how I can help you increase your sense of safety, diminish your sense of danger, and reduce your suffering.

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