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Thoughts of clients, expressed at different points during therapy

• Thanks so much for your help and support [...] I felt that I was able to talk to you about anything, you were very understanding, didn't judge, and could see through my negative behaviors to more positive solutions. I'm working hard on drawing myself a new map, and on getting to like myself. Looking after myself in general, replacing negative feelings with positive actions...

• I found the time I spent with you to be extremely helpful and I spoke openly and without be judged. Being able to cry and talk made such a difference and I felt at complete ease in your company.

• Thank you again for everything you have done for me, and your kindness and support. You truly have helped me to the nth degree and I am extremely grateful...

• Many thanks for the sessions, I got a huge amount of benefit from them. I feel it really helped me get things into perspective.

• It's nice to finally find a counsellor who I think I can work with... Because it's taken a few.

• It feels a bit weird... I measure how I feel each day on a scale between 0 & 10... now I'm somewhere about an 8, maybe more, about 8½... 8 weeks ago I was somewhere between 1 & 2.

• I'm feeling very positive about the future; I'm feeling a bit more positive about the past and I feel these sessions have helped a huge amount... I was very sceptical before I first came.

• I can now just look at those things and acknowledge them for what they are... they do affect me now and I'm getting comfortable with the idea that it's not an immutable fact about myself that I do get anxious or guilty about things, it's getting better, slowly but surely.

• I got a helluva lot out of the sessions, thank you for your help.

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